Friday, April 3, 2009


Festival season in Chicago has become a bit overwhelming in recent years. Of course there is Lollapalooza, the Grant Park behemoth that, along with the trendy Pitchfork Music Festival, has come to dominate Chicago's summer music scene. Then there are the old classics: Blues Fest, Jazz Fest, Gospel Fest, Taste of Chicago and the like. Rumor has it there is also going to be a Soul Fest this year in Union Park. Finally, each year sees the addition of more and more street festivals and the raised profile of existing ones.

All of this is very much a good thing. There is nothing I'd rather be doing on a Sunday evening than chilling outside listening to live music. But it's gotten a little difficult to keep track of. Last summer I missed some good cheap (or free) shows because I didn't find out about them until a few minutes beforehand. So I've developed this blog to be a one-stop resource for all your Chicago festival needs.

I've taken it upon myself to take the Festival Challenge this summer. I'm going to try and hit at least one festival each weekend (though it's a distinct possibility that some of them will be in other cities.) Part of this blog will be my own personal reviews of the festivals I attend. I'll most likely also open it up to other people who want to review the festivals I didn't make it to. I'll also be keeping tabs on upcoming festival lineups. Should be fun...

Anyway...enjoy, and I'd love to hear any feedback on the site.

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